The Test Technology Technical Community supports the development and maintenance of several IEEE standards.

The following is an overview of Test Technology standards:

IEEE P1450.6-2

Standard for Memory Modeling in Core Test Language (CTL)Saman ADHAM,

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IEEE 1450.6-2005

Extensions to STIL for Core Test Language (CTL) SupportRohit KAPUR,

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IEEE P1450.7

Extensions to STIL for Analog and Mixed Signal EnvironmentsJean-Louis CARBONERO,

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IEEE 1500

Embedded Core TestYervant ZORIAN,

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IEEE 1532

In-System Configuration of Programmable DevicesNeil JACOBSON,

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IEEE P1581

Static Component Interconnection Test Protocol and Architecture (SCITT)Heiko EHRENBERG,

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IEEE P1687

IJTAGKenneth POSSE, kepos@comcast.netAlfred CROUCH,

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IEEE P1838

Test Access Architecture for Three-Dimensional Stacked Integrated CircuitsErik Jan Marinissen,

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