Category: Standards

The Test Technology Technical Community supports the development and maintenance of several IEEE standards.

The following is an overview of Test Technology standards:

  • IEEE 1149.1

    Test Access Port and Boundary-ScanChristopher J. CLARK,

  • IEEE 1149.4

    Mixed Signal Test BusBambang SUPARJO,

  • IEEE 1149.6

    Boundary Scan Testing of Advanced Digital NetworksBill EKLOW,

  • IEEE P1149.7

    Standard for Reduced-pin and Enhanced-functionality Test Access Port and Boundary Scan ArchitectureRobert OSHANA,

  • IEEE 1450-1999

    Standard Tester Interface Language (STIL)Gregory MASTON,

  • IEEE 1450.1

    Extensions to STIL for Semiconductor Design EnvironmentTony TAYLOR,

  • IEEE 1450.2-2002

    Extensions to STIL for DC Level SpecificationGregg WILDER,

  • IEEE P1450.3

    Extensions to STIL for Tester Target SpecificationTony TAYLOR,

  • IEEE P1450.4

    Extensions to STIL for Test Flow SpecificationDoug SPRAGUE, O’REILLY,

  • IEEE P1450.6-1

    Standard for Describing On-Chip Scan CompressionBruce CORY,