TTTC JETTA Best Paper Award

The Award is given annually to the best paper appeared in the Journal of Electronic Testing (JETTA) published by Springer. An award committee appointed by the TTTC each year selects a paper judged as the best among those published in all issues of JETTA that year. The authors of the winning paper will receive a certificate at a TTTC-sponsored event along with a cash prize from Springer.

Recipients of the JETTA-TTTC Best Paper Award for 2013 are Amitabh Das, Jean Da Rolt, Santosh Ghosh, Stefaan Seys, Sophie Dupuis, Giorgio Di Natale, Marie-Lise Flottes, Bruno Rouzeyre and Ingrid Verbauwhede. Their paper “Secure JTAG Implementation Using Schnorr Protocol” appeared in JETTA, Volume 29, Number 2, pages 193–209, April 2013.

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