Board Test

Technical Activity Committee on Board Test

TAC Chair:  Bill EKLOW,

The TTTC Board Test Technical Activities Committee (BTTAC) is the successor to the Board Test Action Group (BTAG). The original purpose of BTAG was to identify a group of board test professionals to help bring back board test into the International Test Conference (ITC).

We also started an IEEE Board Test Workshop (BTW). The first two BTWs were run in conjunction with ITC 2002 and 2003 and attracted between 50 and 60 attendees.

In addition, we have established an e-mail reflector and a message chat room that allows information on board test activities to be disseminated and also is beginning to work as a “has anyone seen this problem and knows of a solution?” informal Q&A “chat room”.

We recently polled the members of BTAG (some 55 people at the moment) on the future role of BTAG. The basic question was “should we continue?”. We received a resounding “yes” to this question with suggestions that the role of BTAG could expand in the following areas, at least:

  • Provide a forum for emerging new problems, issues, solutions and concepts in board test, including:
    • Resolving issues with new Standards e.g. IEEE 1149.6, adoption of 1149.5 (why did it fail?)
    • Fostering the creation of new Standards (IEEE, JEDEC, etc)
    • Education e.g. the issues surrounding the new PICMG 3.0 Advanced TCA
  • Initiate and nurture board and system test activities (papers, panels, tutorials, etc) at international events such as ITC, DATE, BTW, ATS (Asian Test Symposium), etc
  • Keep on working with ITC PC and SC members to “bring back board test” by targeted solicitation of papers, panels, tutorials and help for the novitiates and neophytes.

These are the activities that will be fostered under the new BTTAC umbrella.

If you have questions, comments or just want to join this Board Test Technical Activities Committee, send e-mail to Bill EKLOW

Conferences and symposia

19th IEEE Workshop on Silicon Errors in Logic – System Effects (SELSE) 2023

Paper registration: December 23, 2022
Paper submission: January 9, 2023

IEEE European Test Symposium 2023
Title+Abstract: December 9, 2022
Paper: December 16, 2022

IEEE VLSI Test Symposium 2023
Title+Abstract: November 5, 2022
Paper: November 11, 2022

DATE 2023
Title+abstract: September 18, 2022 (AoE)
Paper: September 25, 2022 (AoE)

IEEE Asian Test Symposium 2022
Abstract & Full Paper Submission Deadline: July 1st, 2022 (AoE)

ITC India 2022
Abstract & Full Paper Submission Deadline: May 9th, 2022

IOLTS 2022
Paper submission: May 10, 2022

LATS 2022
Title+abstract: May 6, 2022
Paper: May 13, 2022