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7th IEEE Latin American Test Workshop
March 26 - 29, 2006
Buenos Aires, Argentina


Technical Program -- Committees

Technical Program

Sunday - March 26th, 2006
8:00–9:00 LATW’06 and TTEP’06 Registrations
18:30–20:00 LATW’06 Registration
IEEE Computer Society Test Technology Educational Program (TTEP)

Tutorial 1:
“Memory Test and Self-Test for Deep Submicron Technologies,” Dean Adams, Magma Design Automation - USA

14:30–18:30 Tutorial 2:
“Design for Manufacturability,” Yervant Zorian, Virage Logic - USA; Juan-Antonio Carballo, IBM - USA
Monday - March 27th, 2006
7:30–8:30 LATW’06 Registration
8:30–9:00 Opening Address
LATW’05 Best Paper Award Presentation

Session 1: Analog & Mixed Signal Testing and Diagnosis
Chair: Gabriela Peretti – Univ. Tecnológica Nacional / Facultad Regional Villa María, Argentina

9:00-9:15: [S] Timed Functional Modeling For Mixed-Signal Boards in Maintenance Testing
Bertrand Gilles, Valérie-Anne Nicolas, Laurent Lemarchand, Lionel Marcé - University of Western Brittany, France

9:15-9:35: Improved Fault Detection Using a Charge Monitor
Rodrigo Picos - Balearic Islands University, Spain; Oscar Calvo - UNLP, Argentina; Miquel Roca, Eugeni Garcia-Moreno - Balearic Islands University, Spain

9:55-10:15: On the Testing of the Electronic Conditioning Chain of a CMOS MEMS Based Magnetic Field Sensor
Olivier Leman, Florence Azais, Laurent Latorre, Frédérick Mailly, Pascal Nouet - LIRMM, Univ. Montpellier II/CNRS, France

10:15-10:35: Using Swarm Intelligence to Solve Some Analog Test Issues
Carlos Eduardo Savioli - Brazilian Navy Electronics Center, Brazil; Claudio Eduardo Csura Szendrodi, José Calvano - IPqM, Brazil; Antônio Mesquita Filho - UFRJ, Brazil

10:35-10:55 Coffee Break

Session 2: SAT Solvers and Functional Verification
Chair: Abhijit Chatterjee – Georgia Tech, USA

10:55-11:15: Integrating Observability Don't Cares in All-Solution SAT Solvers
Sean Safarpour, Andreas Veneris - University of Toronto, Canada; Rolf Drechsler - University of Bremen, Germany; Magdy Abadir - Freescale, USA

11:15-11:35: Cube Subtraction in Sat Solvers
Romanelli Zuim - UFMG, Brazil; Jose T. Sousa - INESC-ID, Lisboa, Portugal; Claudionor N. C. Júnior - UFMG, Brazil

11:35-11:50 [S] An Approach for Debugging and In-system Functional Verification for FPGA-based System Design
John Michael Espinosa-Duran, Mario Vera-Lizcano, Jaime Velasco-Medina - Universidad del Valle, Colombia

11:50-12:45 Session 3: Timing Analysis and Verification
Chair: Carlos Silva Cardenas – PUCP, Peru

11:50-12:10: Automatic Evaluation of Single Event Transient Propagation in CMOS Logic Circuits Based on Topological Timing Analysis
Carolina Neves - UFPel, Brazil; Egas Henes Neto, Ivandro Ribeiro, Gilson Wirth - UERGS, Brazil; Fernanda Kastensmidt - UFRGS, Brazil; Jose Luis A. Guntzel - UFPel, Brazil

12:10-12:25: [S] High-level Automatic Verification Methodology for Computer Graphics Cores
Fabricio V. Andrade, José Augusto Nacif, Claudionor N. Coelho Jr., Antônio O. Fernandes - UFMG, Brazil

12:25-12:45: Oscillation-Based Test in Digital IIR Filters
Gabriela Peretti, Eduardo Romero - Universidad Tecnológica Nacional Facultad Regional Villa María, Argentina; Carlos Marqués - Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina

12:45-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:40 Session 4: BIST and On-line Testing
Chair: Lorena Anghel – TIMA/INPG, France

14:00-14:20: Using Bulk Built-In Current Sensors to Detect Transient Faults in SRAM Memory Architectures
Egas Henes Neto, Gilson Wirth - UERGS, Brazil; Fernanda Lima Kastensmidt - UFRGS, Brazil

14:20-14:40: Concurrent Testing of Digital Circuits for Non-Classical Fault Models: Bridging Faults and n-Detect Test
Santosh Biswas, Siddhartha Mukhopadhyay, Amit Patra - IIT Kharagpur, India

14:40-15:00: Software Based Self-Test of Register Files in RISC Processor Cores using March Algorithms
Matthieu Tuna, Mounir Benabdenbi - University of Pierre et Marie Curie, France

15:00-15:20: Testing System-in-Package Wirelessly
Serge Bernard, Marie-lise Flottes, LIRMM, France; Philippe Cauvet, Hervé Fleury, Fabrice Verjus - Philips France Semiconducteurs, France

15:20-15:40: BIST Architectures and Fault Emulation
Abílio Eduardo Mendes Parreira, Marcelino Santos, João Teixeira - Instituto Superior Técnico/INESC-ID, Portugal

15:40-16:00 Coffee Break
16:00-17:20 Session 5: DFT and Fault Injection Techniques
Chair: Janusz Sosnowski – Warsaw Univ. of Tech., Poland

16:00-16:20: Scan Pattern Watermarking
David Hély, Frédéric Bancel - ST Microelectronics, Rousset, France; Marie-lise Flottes, Bruno Rouzeyre - LIRMM, France

16:20-16:40: A Secure Scan Design Methodology
David Hély, Frédéric Bancel, ST Microelectronics, Rousset, France; Marie-lise Flottes, Bruno Rouzeyre - LIRMM, France

16:40-17:00: A Fault Injection Environment for SoPC’s Embedded Microprocessors
Marta Portela-Garcia - Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain; Luca Sterpone - Politecnico di Torino, Italy; Celia Lopez-Ongil - Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain; Matteo Sonza Reorda, Massimo Violante - Politecnico di Torino, Italy

17:00-17:20: DefSim: CMOS Defects on Chip for Research and Education
Witold Pleskacz, Tomasz Borejko, Andrzej Walkanis - Warsaw University of Technology, Poland; Viera Stopjakova - Slovak University of Technology, Slovakia; Artur Jutman, Raimund Ubar - Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

17:30-19:00 Welcome Reception
19:15-20:15 LA-TTTC Group Open Meeting
Tuesday - March 28th, 2006
8:30-9:30 Session 6: Fault Modeling, Analysis and Simulation - I
Chair: Artur Jutman - Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

8:30-8:50: FPGA-Based Stuck-at Fault Emulation in Wavelet-based Image Coding Systems
Lucia Costas-Perez, Juan Rodriguez-Andina, Elena Lago - University of Vigo, Spain

8:50-9:10: Analyzing the Effect of CMOS Process Variability on the SRAM Cell Sensitivity to SEU
Jean Da Rolt - UFRGS, Brazil
Gilson Wirth - UERGS, Brazil
Fernanda Kastensmidt, Ricardo Reis - UFRGS, Brazil

9:10-9:30: Evaluating the Sensitivity of CMOS Circuits to Single Event Transients
Gilson Wirth, Michele Vieira, Egas Henes Neto - UERGS, Brazil
Fernanda Kastensmidt - UFRGS, Brazil

9:30-10:50 Session 7: Fault Modeling, Analysis and Simulation - II
Chair: Zebo Peng - Linkoping University, Sweden

9:30-9:50: Exploring and Interpreting System Event Logs
Janusz Sosnowski, M. Poleszak - Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

9:50-10:10: Fault Simulation with Parallel Critical Path Tracing for Combinational Circuits Using Structurally Synthesized BDDs
Sergei Devadze, Jaan Raik, Artur Jutman, Raimund Ubar - Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

10:10-10:30: Using Multiple Clock Schemes and Multi-Temperature Test for Dynamic Fault Detection in Digital Systems
Marcial Jesús Rodríguez Irago, Juan Rodriguez-Andina - University of Vigo, Spain; Fabian Vargas - PUCRS, Brazil; Isabel Teixeira, João Teixeira - INESC-ID, Portugal

10:30-10:50: Enhancing the Detectability of Open Defects by Body Biasing
Antonio Zenteno Ramirez, Roberto Gomez, Victor Champac - INAOE, Mexico

10:50-11:10 Coffee Break
11:10-12:30 Session 8: SEU Modeling and Simulation
Chair: Kaushik Roy – Purdue University, USA

11:10-11:30: Validation by Fault Injection of a Software Error Detection Technique Dealing with Critical Single Event Upsets
Gustavo Santana Torrellas - Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo, Mexico; B. Nicolescu - Institut Polytechnique de Montreal, Canada; M. G. Valderas - Universidad Carlos III, Spain; Raoul Velazco, Y. Savaria - TIMA Laboratory, France

11:30-11:50: [S] Obtaining Markoff Models For Dependability Estimation in Fault Tolerant Systems Exposed to SEUs
Pablo A. Ferreyra - Universidad Nacional de Córdoba / Instituto Universitario Aeronáutico de Córdoba, Argentina; Carlos A. Marqués - Facultad de Matemática, Astronomía y Física, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina; Ricardo T. Ferreira - Facultad de Ciencias Exactas Físicas y Naturales Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina; Gabriel Viganotti - Facultad de Matemática, Astronomía y Física, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina

11:50-12:10: SEU Effects Evaluation on a NoC Router Architecture
Arthur Frantz, Fernanda Kastensmidt - UFRGS, Brazil

12:10-12:30: Study of Single Event Upset Effects in SRAM-Based Field Programmable Analog Arrays
Tiago Balen, Marcelo Lubaszewski - UFRGS, Brazil; Michel Renovell – LIRMM, France

12:30-14:00 Lunch
14:00-16:30 Embedded Tutorials Slot

14:00-14:50: Tutorial 1: Process Variations: It’s Impact on Design and Test of CMOS Circuits
Presenter: Kaushik Roy - Purdue University, USA; Coordinator: Raoul Velazco – TIMA/INPG, France

14:50-15:40: Tutorial 2: ATPG-Based Techniques for Verification
Presenter: Dirhaj Pradhan - Bristol University, UK; Coordinator: Marcelino Santos – IST / INESC-ID, Portugal

15:40-16:30: Tutorial 3: Parametric Failures and Detection Strategies
Presenter: Chuck Hawkins - University of New Mexico, USA; Coordinators: Victor Champac – INAOE, Mexico; Florence Azais – LIRMM, France

16:30-16:50 Coffee Break
16:50-17:50 Session 9: High-Level Testing, Verification and Validation
Chair: Fernanda L. Kastensmidt – UFRGS, Brazil

16:50-17:10: Signaling Chip Errors with SNMP
Fabrício Damasceno, José Augusto Nacif, Rodrigo Passos, Antônio O. Fernandes, Claudionor N. Coelho Jr. - UFMG, Brazil

17:10-17:30: An Optimal Test Assignment for Monitoring General Topology Networks
Andréa Weber, UTFPR - Brazil; Elias Procópio Duarte Jr. - UFPR, Brazil; Keiko Verônica Ono Fonseca - UTFPR, Brazil

17:30-17:50: Off-line Synchronization of Distributed Logs in Fault Injection Test Campaigns
Joana Trindade, Gabriela Jacques-Silva, Roberto Jung Drebes, Taisy Weber, Ingrid Jansch-Pôrto - UFRGS, Brazil

19:30-23:30 Social Event: Piazzola Tango (
Wednesday - March 29th, 2006
8:30-9:50 Session 10: SEU-Hardening Approaches
Chairs: José Luís Guntzel – UFPEL, Brazil; Marie-lise Flottes – LIRMM, France

8:30-8:50: A New Approach to Cope with Single Event Upsets in Processor-Based Systems
Massimiliano Schillaci, Matteo Reorda, Massimo Violante - Politecnico di Torino, Italy

8:50-9:10: Using Memory to Cope with Simultaneous Transient Faults
Eduardo Rhod, Carlos Lisboa, Luigi Carro - UFRGS, Brazil

9:10-9:30: Design of a Robust 8-Bit Microprocessor to Soft Single Event Effects
Rodrigo Possamai Bastos, Fernanda Lima Kastensmidt, Ricardo Reis - UFRGS, Brazil

9:30-9:50: Multiple Defects Tolerant Devices for Unreliable Future Nanotechnologies
Lorena Anghel, Cristiano Lazzari, Michael Nicolaidis - TIMA Laboratory/INPG, France

9:50-10:50 Session 11: Software Reliability Estimation
Chair: Matteo Sonza Reorda – Politecnico di Torino, Italy

9:50-10:10: An Aspect Oriented Fault Injection Tool to Test Fault Tolerant Mechanisms of Dependable Java-Based Network Applications
Karina Kohl, Taisy Weber - UFRGS, Brazil

10:10-10:30: Modeling Software Reliability Growth With Artificial Neural Networks
Gustavo de Souza, Silvia Vergilio - UFPR, Brazil

10:30-10:50: Software Dependability Estimation Based on Test Failure Data
Jorge Moreira de Souza, Simone G. Schmidt - FITec, Brazil

10:30-10:50 Coffee Break
10:50-12:05 Session 12: Software Verification and Testing
Chair: Magdy Abadir – Freescale, USA

10:50-11:10: Test Automation Viability Analysis Method
Jorge Corrêa de Oliveira, Cidinha Costa Gouveia, Romulo Quidute Filho - CESAR/Motorola, Brazil

11:10-11:30: Probe Effect Mitigation in the Software Testing of Parallel Systems
Leonardo Amaral, Eduardo Bezerra, Flávio Oliveira, Luiz Gustavo Leão Fernandes, Mateus Raeder, Pedro Velho - PUCRS, Brazil

11:30-11:50: Performance Engineering as Part of the Development Life Cycle to Java Applications
Flávia Merylyn Falcão - UFPE, Brazil; Rodrigo Elia Assad, Silvio Lemos Meira - CESAR, Brazil

11:50-12:05: [S] Service-Oriented Architecture Testing Design and Practices
Alexandre Santos Júnior, Andre Assad, Luiz Felipe S. L. Guimarães - CESAR/Motorola, Brazil

12:05-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:00 Session 13: Fault Tolerant Architectures and Techniques
Chair: Dirhaj Pradhan - Bristol University, UK

14:00-14:20: Defect and Fault Masking in Nanofabric Through Redundancy Adaptation
Wenjing Rao, Alex Orailoglu - University of California San Diego, USA
Ramesh Karri - Polythecnic University, USA

14:20-14:40: Increasing Reliability in Future Technologies Systems
Erik Schuler, Luigi Carro - UFRGS, Brazil

14:40-15:00: Probabilistic Error Correction in Linear Digital Filters Using Checksum Codes
Maryam Ashouei, Soumendu Bhattacharya, Abhijit Chatterjee - Georgia Institute of Tech., USA

15:00-16:20 Session 14: Radiation Test Facilities and EMI Testing
Chair: Oscar Calvo – University of the Balearic Islands, Spain

15:00-15:20: A Radiation Damage Test Facility at TANDAR
Martin Alurralde, Julio Durán, Alberto Filevich, Christian Nigri, Igor Prario, Felix Palumbo - Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica, Argentina; Gerardo Sager - Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina; Raoul Velazco - TIMA Laboratory, France; Alejandro Vertanessian - Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica, Argentina

15:20-15:40: TANDAR as a Digital Circuits Test Radiation Facility
Gerardo Sager - Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina; Martin Alurralde, Igor Prario, Felix Palumbo, Alberto Filevich, Alejandro Vertanessian - Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica, Argentina; Raoul Velazco - TIMA Laboratory, France; Pablo Ferreyra - Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina

15:40-16:00: A Thermal Cycling Testing System to Simulate Space Conditions
Igor Prario, Alejandro Vertanessian, Alberto Filevich, Martin Alurralde, Claudio Bolzi, Cristián Bruno, Javier Férnandez Vázquez, Mónica Martinez Bogado, Mariana Tamassi, Virgilio Goldbeck, Christian Nigri - Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica, Argentina

16:00-16:20: Observing SRAM-Based FPGA Robustness in EMI-Exposed Environments
Fabian Vargas, Juliano Benfica, Augusto Farina, Eduardo Bezerra - PUCRS, Brazil; Edmundo Gatti, Luis Garcia, Daniel Lupi - INTI/CITEI, Argentina; Fernando Hernandez - ORT/URSEC, Uruguay

16:20-16:40 Coffee Break
16:20-17:40 Session 15: Radiation Hardening
Chair: Pablo A. Ferreyra –Universidad Nacional de Córdoba / Instituto Universitario Aeronáutico de Córdoba, Argentina

16:20-16:40: Electrical Stress and Gamma Irradiation of MOS Transistors
Felix Palumbo - CONICET-CNEA, Argentina; Adrian Faigon - FIUBA-CONICET, Argentina; Giuseppe Curro - ST Microelectronics, Italy; Igor Prario - CONICET-CNEA, Argentina; Alessandra Cascio - ST Microelectronics, Italy

16:40-17:00: Characteristic Parameters of Simulated PIN Photodiodes under Proton Radiation
Marcelo Angel Cappelletti, Eitel Leopoldo Peltzer y Blancá - University of La Plata, Argentina

17:00-17:20: High Energy Heavy Ion-Induced Structural Modifications: From the Material Point of View to New Hardening Concepts
A. D. Touboul, M. Marinoni, A. Carvalho, C. Guasch, F. Saigné, J. Bonnet, J. Gasiot - Université Montpellier II, France

17:20-17:40 Closing Remarks




General Chairs:
Fabian Vargas, PUCRS - Brazil

Yervant Zorian, Virage Logic - USA

Honorary Chair:
Daniel Lupi, INTI - Argentina

Past General Chair:
Marcelo Lubaszewski, UFRGS - Brazil

Program Chairs:
Eduardo Bezerra, PUCRS – Brazil
Victor Champac, INAOE - Mexico

Embedded Tutorials Chairs:
Magdy Abadir, Freescale - USA
Zebo Peng, Linkoping Univ. - Sweden

Panels Chairs:
Luigi Carro, UFRGS – Brazil
José Vicente Calvano, Braz. Navy – Brazil

TTEP Tutorials Chair:
D. Gizopoulos, Univ. of Piraeus – Greece

Publicity Chairs:
José Luis Huertas, IMSE / CNM - Spain
Marius Strum, USP - Brazil

Publication Chair:
Júlio Leão, PUCRS – Brazil

Industry Liaison:
César Dueñas, Freescale – Brazil

IEEE Design & Test Liaison:
K. Roy, Purdue Univ. – USA

Local Arrangements Chair:
Liliana Fraigi, INTI - Argentina

Asia Liaison:
Yoshio Mita. Univ. of Tokyo - Japan

East Europe Liaison:
R. Ubar, Tallinn Tech. Univ. – Estonia

West Europe Liaison:
M. L. Flottes, LIRMM – France

North America Liaison:
A. Chatterjee, Georgia Tech. – USA


J. Abraham – Univ. of Texas, USA
V. D. Agrawal - Auburn Univ., USA
L. Balado - UPC, Spain
A. Brun - Institut d´Optique, France
O. Calvo - UNLP, Argentina
R. Canetti – UROU, Uruguay
C. S. Cardenas – PUCP, Peru
E. P. Duarte Jr. - UFPR, Brazil
P. Fouillat - IXL Bordeaux, France
M. P. Gough – Univ. of Sussex, UK
J. L. Guntzel – UFPel, Brazil
J. P. de Gyvez, - Philips, The Netherlands
C. W. Hawkins – Univ. of New Mexico, USA
J. P. Hayes - Univ. of Michigan, USA
A. Ivanov – U. B. Columbia, Canada
R. Leveugle – TIMA-INPG, France
M. Linares – INAOE, Mexico
J. C. Maldonado – ICMSC/USP, Brazil
J. V. Medina - Univ. del Valle, Colombia
A. Mesquita – UFRJ, Brazil
F. G. Moraes – PUCRS, Brazil
A. Orailoglu – UCSD, USA
G. Peretti - Fac. Reg. Villa María, Argentina
J. Perez – UROU, Uruguay
D. K. Pradhan – Univ. of Bristol, UK
R. Reis – UFRGS, Brazil
M. Renovel – LIRMM, France
M. S. Reorda - Politec. di Torino, Italy
E. Romero – UTN, Argentina
J. Salcedo – Texas Instruments, USA
A. Sarmiento – INAOE, Mexico
F. Silveira – UROU, Uruguay
M. Soma - Univ. of Washington, USA
J. Sosnowski - Warsaw Univ. of Tech., Poland
A. A. Suzim – UFRGS, Brazil
J. M. de Souza – FITec, Brazil
L. E. Toledo - UCC, Argentina
T. Weber - UFRGS, Brazil
H. J. Wunderlich – Univ. Stuttgart, Germany
A. Zenteno – INAOE, Mexico
A. Zorzo – PUCRS, Brazil


Victor Champac (Chair)
Jose Luis Huertas
Marcelo S. Lubaszewski
Fabian Vargas
Raoul Velazco
Yervant Zorian

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