Should I join?

The Test Technology Technical Council is a volunteer professional organization sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society. TTTC has put this page together to give you some basic information about TTTC to help you determine if you should join.

Membership in the Test Technical is available at no charge to all individuals interested at the professional level in the technology of semiconductor test. Members find it highly valuable to contribute their time and expertise to the continued advancement of this very exciting field. To this end, TTTC sponsors or co-sponsors a large number of conferences, symposia, and workshops.

These TTTC-sponsored events also provide opportunities to gather groups of individuals interested in specific topics in small “fringe meetings”, that may launch development of new standards activities or perhaps additional workshops focused on new technologies or technical challenges. Standards groups frequently consist of a dozen or so highly skilled technical individuals who would have relatively little chance to gather in a collegial environment without the penumbra cast by the larger symposium or conference.

TTTC members have developed lasting friendships, collaborations, and associations through these TTTC-sponsored events, and have gained opportunities to grow and develop their own expertise, and to guide and mentor that of younger colleagues, by participating in these various events.

The TTTC Web Site offers samples of the TTTC Newsletter, information about technical activities, conferences, workshops and standards, and gives links to the Web pages of a number of TTTC-sponsored technical meetings.

Andre Ivanov,