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1st IEEE International Workshop on Silicon Lifecycle Management 

(SLM 2021)

October 14-15, 2021, Virtual Conference



With increasing system complexity, security, stringent runtime requirements for functional safety, and cost constraints of a mass market, the reliable and secure operation of electronics in safety-critical, enterprise servers and cloud computing domains is still a major challenge. 

The inaugural edition of the SLM Workshop tries to build a community around this topic and offer a forum to present and discuss these challenges and emerging solutions among researchers and practitioners alike.

Highlights Include:

  • Thursday keynote by Rich Bonderson, Google
  • Friday keynote by Ravi Iyer, University of Illinois
  • 15 great presentations, including ones on:
    • Mehul Shroff (NXP): Addressing the Lifecycle Challenge for Automotive-IC Reliability and Quality in Advanced CMOS
    • Prashant Seetharaman (Siemens): Unprecedented Scaling Demands Have Changed The Face Of EDA
    • Robert Kwasnick (Intel): Telemetry for System Reliability 
    • Evelyn Landman (ProteanTecs): Electronics Health and Performance Monitoring from Production to the Field with Deep Data Analytics
    • Ramsay Allen (Synopsys): The Critical Role of In-Silicon Visibility, Measurement, and Intelligent Analysis from Design to In-Field
    • Dan Alexandrescu (iRoc): Extracting Added Value from Test
    • Lorenzo Servedai (Infineon): Accurate and Robust Malware Detection: Running XGBoost on Run-Time Data from Performance Counters
    • Navid Asadi (UF):physical assurance for electronics
    • Tao Zhang (UF): Enabling Holistic Protection of FPGA Supply Chain with Blockchain Technology
    • Lee Harrison (Siemens): Using Silicon Lifecycle Management to Monitor Aging Effects on Automotive Electronics
    • Lorena Anghel (Spintec, FR): Aging-Aware Operating Performance Points Adaptation for Embedded Applications Lifetime Extension
    • Gurgen Harutyunyan (Synopsys): Leveraging SLM monitors for IP characterization and bring up
    • Jyotika Athavale (NVIDIA): IEEE P2851: A Landscape for the Development of Dependable Machines
    • Haralampos Stratigopoulos (LIP6): SLM for mixed-signal circuits
    • Aileen Ryan (Siemens): Use of Functional monitoring for Inlife latency reduction
  • Panel on "The silicon lifecycle management ecosystem at large
    • Moderator: Robert Jin (NXP)
    • Serge Leef (DARPA)
    • John Oakley (SRC)
    • Anis Jarrar (NXP)
    • Yervant Zorian (Synposys)
    • Krish Chakrabarty (Duke U)
    • Mark Tehranipoor (U Florida)

Additional Information 
Organizing Committee: 

General Chair: Yervant Zorian - Synopsys (US) -
General Vice Chair: Krishnendu Chakrabarty - Duke U (US)
Program Chair: Mehdi Tahoori – KIT (DE) -
Program Vice Chair: Mark Tenranipoor - UF (US)
Panel Chair: Robert Jin - NXP (US)
Publicity Chair: Fei Su - Intel (US)
Finance Chair: C-H Chiang - Intel
Virtualization Chair: Stefano Di Carlo - Polito (IT)
Web Chair: Marcello Traiola – Inria/IRISA lab (FR)

For more information, visit us on the web at:

SLM 2021 is sponsored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Computer Society's Test Technology Technical Council (TTTC).

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