Membership in TTTC India is open to all individuals interested in test engineering at a professional level.

Here’s what one member believes are the benefits of his membership in TTTC:

  • TTTC is a valuable source of technical information for any technical professional directly or indirectly involved with testing.
  • TTTC is a network of testing professionals sharing valuable know-how and experience.
  • TTTC gives professionals an opportunity to meet and work with the leaders of the testing industry.
  • TTTC gives technical professionals an opportunity to broaden their managerial, interpersonal, and leadership skills through participation in the management of a technical meeting, TAC, or TTTC itself.
  • TTTC offers an opportunity to influence the development of test techniques and standards that impact our society which is very dependent on electronic technology.
  • TTTC offers a source of professional contacts that could provide potential career advancement or fulfill a need for new employment.
  • TTTC provides the potential steppingstones to a position of leadership in the testing community.
  • TTTC helps bridge academic and industrial work.