Freeware Libraries

Technical Activity Committee on Freeware Libraries

TAC Chair:  Burnell WEST

The Freeware Libraries TAC is devoted to supporting the development of accessible libraries and open source software for design and test of electronic integrated circuits, subassemblies, and systems. As more and more capabilities appear in the Open Source and Freeware domain, the technology, economics, and philosophy of Open Source interchange and Freeware Libraries continues to stress the relationship between commercial and open source tools and libraries.

More and more commercial enterprises find value in providing support to the Open Source community, as the synergistic relationships that have developed often provide collaborative as well as competitive stimulus.

Here are links to some open source support organizations and some library resources. Many of these links provide rich tiers of additional links. My mention of these organizations means only that I have looked at them, and think they might be useful to you.

— and, the always useful